NoWax Bernafon,  6 st i gruppen Hørselprodukter / Høreapparat tilbehør / Voksfilter hos (Ot_Bern_NoWax)
NoWax Bernafon,  6 st

NoWax Bernafon, 6 st

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Artikkelnr: Ot_Bern_NoWax
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  • Information
    • Maintain your hearing aids for the best possible sound image
      Wax filter Nowax for your Bernafon hearing aids.

      Helps you keep your hearing aids clean and ensures that the earpiece is not blocked again by wax. Most hearing aids have a wax filter and protect the hearing aid from being damaged. It is recommended to change the wax filter regularly as it is the filter that catches wax and dirt. This is to get the best sound image possible.

      The package contains 6 filters.

      Feel free to check with your audiologist so that you buy the correct wax filter for your hearing aid.

      To replace a Nowax filter:

      1. Remove the tool from the dispenser. The tool has two "arms", one has the new filter on and the other is the removal tool.
      2. Push the removal tool into the wax filter you want to replace and remove the filter from the hearing aid.
      3. Push the new filter into the hearing aid.
      Discard the tool used.

      Manufacturer; Bernafon
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